Book Publishing

 Our professional book launch staff will take care of all of editing, cover design, formating, getting reviews and the launch of your book.

Our technical and marketing staff will work with you on designing a website for your book series, your eBook and AudioBook graphics, and social media marketing to get more readers and reviews. We will take care of repurposing you book into blogs, podcasts and more. (YES even a fiction book can be turned into a weekly 30 minute podcast that will bring in advertisers and book sales) 

We also will work to develop other add ons for your book including training programs for nonfiction books and speaking engagements for you for fiction and nonfiction books. These also will help your book begin to bring in more money.

And you receive a royalty percentage of the money that your makes every month. 

Click here to submit your show idea or manuscript so our editors can read and see if we are ready to start publishing it!