This is the form to nominate your favorite or least favorite restaurant or food cart to have our food critic visit. After we visit and try the food then we will decide if it needs to be on Baja Eats TV, Baja Street Food TV or needs a write up on our Food Critic Blogs.

Make sure that you tell us what you love about the place and also anything that maybe was not quite right about the place. 

We are looking for the best restaurant in town but we also are looking for the best food in town. The Best restaurant in town will have Amazing food, Amazing atmosphere and Amazing Service. 

Without all 3 they cannot be the best but they can still be work visiting. 

And bad restaurants could just need a little help from another show we are looking to make later next year where we look at remodeling the place, and the menu and the food to help them stay in business. 

So fill out the form below with your favorite food carts and restaurants. If you send us one we use on TV then we will give you a Podcast Baja T-Shirt for helping us find it! And don’t be afraid to nominate your own food cart or restaurant either!

Restaurant Nomination Form