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  1. According to Media Village now is the time to add advertising to Podcast in Mexico!

Podcast Listener Demographics

  1. 38% of people who listen to podcasts state that they have purchased products or services mentioned on those podcasts.
  2. 56% of podcast listeners are male, while 44% are female.
  3. The average podcast listener is between the ages of 18 to 54
  4. Podcasting has grown as a traditional media, with 61.2% spending more time listening to podcasts than they do consuming TV shows.
  5. 76.8% of podcast listeners listen to podcasts for more than 7 hours each week.

 Why should you Advertise on Podcast Baja Podcast and PBTV Shows.

  1. You can pick and choose what demographics you want to reach. 
  2. Our PBTV shows have a large base of viewers or listeners but the majority of our shows also have a distinct target market.
  3. We will work with you to develop your Perfect Customer Avatar and then put your ads on shows that they actually connect with.
  4. Most of the money that you spend with us stays here in La Paz. We are located and film here, our studios are here and our employees live here and spend their paychecks with local business.
  5. We can reach locals and the foreigners that have moved to La Paz and visit La Paz. We have shows in both Spanish and English. 99% of those shows are  are performed by locals that live in Baja Sur.
  6. Our Performers are people that want to talk about all kinds of things. Everyone can find several shows that they love at Podcast Baja. Politics, sports, ghost stories, education, business management, the roads, comic con, computers, college, drinking beer, restaurants, and so much more. 
  7. Shows produced at Podcast Baja are done in our professional designed studios with some of the best audio and video equipment available today. So they are shows that people want to listen to because there are no babies crying in the background and no echos from the block walls in the house or the neighbors honking outside!

Podcasts offer a unique marketing opportunity that has helped other companies explode.

If you’re an avid podcast listener, then you’ve likely heard advertisements for brands you hadn’t heard of before but are now familiar with. Blue Apron, Squarespace, Loot Crate, Audible and dozens of other brands don’t regularly advertise on traditional media, but we’ve grown accustomed to hearing our favorite podcasters tout these products and services.

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