Marketing to Gringos and Tourist

Unfortunately there is no prescribed formula for successful marketing in the tourism industry. But, from our experience, those businesses that are offering transparency, honesty and communicate consistently to the right people, at the right time, with the right message will be successful with their marketing efforts.

So, whether you are a one-man-band tourism business, or a medium size corporate, there are a number of marketing activities that ALL tourism businesses need to be investing in, which include:

  1. Allocating time to set up and manage a website that works.
  2. Engaging in social media and other online content marketing strategies
  3. Managing current and potential customerÔÇÖs needs via a strategic customer relationship management strategy (using on and offline strategies)
  4. Using strategic marketing tactics to communicate specific messages for specific audiences to ensure relevancy and increase brand engagement
  5. Working with industry trade partners to distribute product
  6. Actively building relationships with other like-minded tourism businesses to package product to increase distribution into new markets
  7. Measuring and reviewing marketing effectiveness on a regular basis to ensure you are achieving a positive return on investment


Gringos have different expectations than locals do. 

Most convenience stores in Baja Sur carry Coke and Coke Light but very few carry Pepsi and Pepsi Light. Most Gringos actually prefer one or the other and either refuse to drink the one they don’t like or hate not being able to get the one they want.┬á So if you have a store you should consider making room for Pepsi and Pepsi Light if you sever many gringos.

Marketing to gringos takes the same type of thoughts. Gringos on vacation and who first arrive are going to be rushed because life in the US and Canada is much faster. 

If you are a restaurant or a food cart you have to remember that people from the US have probably only had “Mexican Food” from Taco Bell or a Mexican Restaurant that has Americanized food and not Mexican food. So if you do a lot of business with gringos your servers need to be able to explain the menu to them. Your servers should also know if they are talking to someone at a sit down restaurant that at seating if the person speaks English they should remind the customer that they are welcome and that they need to ask for the check when they are ready for it because you won’t be rushing them out the door. This is different because gringos are used to being brought the check immediately when they are finished eating and it is considered bad service in the US to have a drink get empty without being offered a refill or to have to wait on a check.┬á

The slower life here is wonderful but they will have to get used to it. 

Marketing to gringos that live her is different that to locals. Our expert marketing staff understands that and we can teach you  and your staff how to market to get the gringos in your door and show you how to get them to love your products and services and come back and spend more money. 

Many shows we develop are in Spanish and English, some just in Spanish and some just in English. With these type of shows we can market to both locals and gringos to bring you Return on Investment that you will see in your bank account for all of your marketing dollars.


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