Business Services

Baja Sur Business can start making money online now!

Out business service department offers online advertising, marketing and business solutions that give you a real measurable Return On Investment!

Stop spending money on advertising that shows zero return on investment.  We can put together a budget friendly marketing plan that brings you new customers that you can measure today.

Business Marketing Services

Podcast and Internet TV Advertising

We take care of putting together your audio and video commercials that run on our shows. We track how many people see your ad and how many click thru to your site to get more info. With this added traffic to your site, your store and your office you will see return on investment. Don't have a great site.. no worries.. our expert marketing and design staff can make the changes to your site or build you a new site that will turn site visitors into buying customers.

Website Design and Maintenance

We can handle the design or maintenance of your site so you get the attention of both locals and visitors. Here in Baja Sur doing business with both locals and the Gringos from the north is important for most business profit. The problem is marketing is different to each group. We have experts that understand both markets and can design and maintain your site in Spanish and in English so that you get amazing Return on Investment.

Social Media Marketing and SEO

Social Media Marketing is important in today's online economy and even local business need to focus on local SEO. Our expert staff examines your business and will come up with a plan to make sure when potential customers are looking for the products and services that you sell... they will find you!

Business Marketing Plans

You know your business and the products and services you sell but do you really understand all of your customers? Who are the customers you need to reach? Are you reaching all of them? Do these people that buy your products somewhere buy them all from you? Well the easy way to tell is by looking at your bank account? Our expert team will talk with you and your biggest customers to understand what you do right and what you do wrong marketing to them. Then we will put together a marketing plan to steadily increase your bank account!

Business Podcast and Live Video

No matter what business you are in ... today you can make more money with a Podcast and Live Videos. Our expert staff understands this. We can show you the best way to plan the production, what parts of your business are best to talk about and how you can become the expert on your products and services. We show you exactly what to do and teach you how to do it so you get a real return on investment in your bank account.

Marketing to Gringos and Tourist

We have an expert staff that understands all the Baja Sur residents and visitors. We understand what each are looking for and how to show them that you understand their needs and can fulfil their needs. Gringos and Tourist are interested in buying the same things locals are but the marketing to them is different. The sites and social media they use are different. The shows are different. That is why many of our shows are in Spanish and in English. We can teach you how to market to this diverse audience and show you Return on Investment by marketing to both!

Return On Your Marketing Investment.

Start Increasing Your Bank Account Balance Today!