Podcast Baja Studio Rents Building In La Paz BCS Mexico


So we found the perfect spot for our new publishing studios. Calle Sin Nombre 513, El Conchalito, 23094 La Paz, B.C.S.  is the address. It is on the corner of Estrella De Mar just across from the federal building.

The entire first floor of this building will become Podcast Baja Studios and Publishing. We still have to add the studios but we already have most of the equipment and are ready to get started. 

Several things have to happen inside the building including sound dampening panels added to each studio, adding air conditioners it the 2 video and photo studios to combat the heat from outside and from the lights required so that you look good on camera. 

We are adding an air conditioning unit inside the main lobby also so that the offices will be cool enough to work in.

The room with the 2 big windows in the yellow section will be where the Video studio will be so that we will have natural light and people will be able to see the videos being made live.

The podcast studio will be in the back area and there is another video and photo studio that is just inside the door but doesn’t have windows.

You can go to the menu to book studio rental time or to submit your idea for a show. We have a couple of podcasts we are in the process of developing now in both English and Spanish. 

We are also putting together our first Video Show that will be locally filmed. You can watch for details of that on the website when we release filming dates for it in the next week.

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