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Street Food War – La Paz TV Series

Street Food War - La Paz TV Series

Street Food Wars La Paz will be filmed in La Paz BCS Mexico this winter.

Each team of 2 people will be provided with a Food Cart and a budget to purchase the items they want to cook. Each week the team that sells the least amount of food will be eliminated from the competition. 

There will be special ingredients and other competitions added each week where the teams will be allowed various allowances from extra money added to their sales, extra sales time, or even immunity from elimination. 

Each week we will have special guest and special judges for the weekly competitions. The Championship team will receive a cash prize of $50,000 pesos. So it is important to come buy food from your favorite cooks. 

The only team that will receive any money will be the Champions who will win $50,000 pesos!

There is no cost other than time to be a part of the show. If you think you have the ability to cook and that people will want to buy your food then this is the competition for you.

Fill out the form below!

We are not just looking for chefs or people that already own food carts. If you think that your mom or wife or boyfriend is the best chef then you should team up with them and apply!

$50,000 Pesos Is Up For Grabs

In Street Food War - La Paz TV Show

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