The future of Mexico is happening right now in La Paz.

That’s why we have formed Podcast Baja. A new studio for audio, video, book and photography publishing.

Our productions will be full of the values ​​that drive the Baja Life. The productions will be diverse and inclusive, ambitious and optimistic, and always Baja.

But we will not be limited by language or geography. Podcast Baja is the mental state of Baja, not just a point on the map, and our work will be done by and for people of all descriptions and ideas from around the world.

So we are open for business! And we need you to help us make good on the promise with your best and most creative ideas for new podcasts, new talent, and new brands.

Here are some criteria to consider when developing your ideas:

  • We will serve and introduce the people of Baja. No matter where they were born or what language they speak, the people of Baja are not afraid to work hard and never need a reason to have a beer or enjoy their family and extended family. People of the Baja are underrepresented and attracted to stories and conversations from a multitude of voices. This is the first priority.
  • We love ideas and people with great ambitions. So bring us your best opinion on what to create for large and hungry audiences by listening to multiple podcasts and watching web videos every week.
  • Do not be afraid to break molds and invent new ones. The boom and busts define Baja’s experience and we want to work with people who are not afraid to invent their own realities. You must think about the world we should live in, as well as where we already do.
  • We are looking for talented people who embody Baja. Then bring ideas with texture and sand and possibilities beyond a short series. Think of continuous series. Think of multiple seasons.

In our initial slates, we mainly look for jobs that break the molds found on the web every day. Crush the molds, burn the box, just think!

We want narratives, based on facts and fiction, that show the broad values ​​of Baja.


Fill out our submission form and make a presentation. And remember that we want to know about your idea, about you, about what it takes to do something extraordinary and about how your launch helps us achieve the goals Podcast Baja , Baja, Mexico and the world.

Submit a Show for Approval